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Finding the Surf Style in You

Surf style does constantly change. Style popularity can quickly change and what is hot today might be cold tomorrow. Many novice surfers will simply go to shops and buy everything that is considered fashionable in equipment and clothes. After that they will leave while feeling like a true surfer when they are definitely not. We also keep hearing the word “dude” used as a strong reference to surfing by wannabes. False surf style examples can also be given in different car stickers or TV references.

Surf style is natural for some surfers. Clothes changing does happen although this is as a direct impact of fashion changes in general. Whenever we talk about surf style there is a need to refer to something else too. Style is nothing something that is necessarily associated with a great board or even trendy clothes. People that really hold surf style will never be bothered by having it or not. When talking about style you need to first understand that surfing is more than just style.

We are sure that you saw on TV the common surf style of being laid back and a little stupid. This can be considered the worst possible surfer characterization. There are hundreds of good surfers out there that have regular jobs, are really smart and are tied because of a passion for the ocean. The spirit that the surfer has dictates surf style. You can see this in this person’s eye as he is coming out of the ocean. People that will consider this sport a priority will have surf style in most cases. They will not use clothes that are always in fashion and are not to use dude all the time while focusing on their laid back appearance. You can see a surfer that has spirit thanks to the warm you see when he smiles.

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